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ADHD Clinical Team

Dr Utpaul Bose

Clinical Lead – ADHD Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Services Consultant Psychiatrist, ADHD Specialist
BSc; MSc; MB; BS; MRCPsych; Dip. Forensic Psychiatry

MIND Professionals’ ADHD Diagnostic Assessment Service is clinically led by Specialist Registered Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Utpaul Bose, career expert and published author in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

Dr Bose has assessed over 1000 individuals, many of whom had been assessed by a Consultant Psychiatrist in the past, but an ADHD diagnosis was either misdiagnosed as other mental health conditions, or never considered at all.

He has worked for more than 20 years as the Consultant Psychiatrist for the Lewisham Community Forensic team under the South London & Maudsley (SLAM) NHS Foundation Trust. During that time, he developed a special interest in adult ADHD and in 2008 became the first Consultant to regularly diagnose the condition within forensic settings in the UK. He noted that some of the patients who had been under the team for many years, had in fact been previously misdiagnosed as having personality disorder, when in fact they had ADHD and as a result of his recognition of the condition and his intervention, they finally received the right medication.

During the last 20 years, Utpaul has routinely completed psychiatric expert reports for those involved in criminal proceedings, parents undergoing care proceedings in family courts and those with mental health problems facing homelessness. Around a third of these individuals had diagnoses of ADHD that had been missed in previous psychiatric assessments.

Dr Bose is a recognised authority and published author on ADHD and is presently working on two further books on the condition: one for lay people and one for mental health professionals.

Rebecca Salazar

Lead Non-Medical Prescriber – Adult ADHD

Rebecca is an experienced Senior Nurse Practitioner and Independent Nurse Non-Medical prescriber in the specialist field of Adult ADHD. She qualified, as a Mental Health Nurse in 2010, after studying at Northumbria University.

She has been employed within both the NHS and the Independent Mental Health sector over her career to date, gaining experience across a range of clinical settings within Mental Health services.

She successfully enrolled and completed the V300 NMP course at Coventry University in 2019. She fully enjoyed every aspect of the NMP course, specifically enhancing her specialist knowledge within the field of ADHD medication - understanding the neurophysiology of ADHD, how ADHD medication works, issues associated with polypharmacy and the importance of collaborative working and joint decision making with her clients over the course of their ADHD medication titration pathway.

Rebecca works within the NHS, alongside her NMP Lead role with MIND Professionals. When she first joined her NHS Adult ADHD Service role, there was no provision for prescribing treatment for clients diagnosed with ADHD who wished to commence ADHD medication, these clients had to be re-referred to adult mental health services, necessitating many more months of additional waiting time, without treatment for their condition. Rebecca completed her NMP course in order to overcome this challenge, and on gaining her qualification, took the the opportunity to implement and manage an entirely new ADHD treatment service pathway within her service team in order to directly meet their client’s needs. This new service has since proved to be both highly successful and efficient, with Rebecca now NMP lead with supervisory responsibility for a team of NMP staff; constantly reviewing service pathways and making clinical decisions for how best to meet their client’s needs

As NMP lead for MIND Professionals and with the knowledge and expertise she has gained from developing and establishing NMP Adult ADHD prescribing clinics within the NHS, she has had the opportunity and guidance, working alongside Consultant Psychiatrist and ADHD Clinical Lead Dr Utpaul Bose, and Medical Director Dr Juliet Whitaker, to set up the ADHD treatment pathway for our ADHD diagnosis service, with a key role in the development all the treatment protocols, internal policies, and governance procedures, needed for the pathway.

It has been a very exciting few months, with the right expertise and support for clients now in place, our ADHD treatment pathway is now in place, offered as a service package for our clients.

Our diagnostic service utilises a full Multi-disciplinary Team of Specialist Registered Medical Experts, Consultant Practitioner Clinical Psychologists, Speech / Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Specialist Nurse Practitioners:

GMC Specialist Registered Medical Experts:

  • Consultant Adult Psychiatrists 
  • Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists
  • Consultant Paediatricians

HCPC Registered Allied Health Professionals:

  • Practitioner Psychologists – Clinical Psychologists 
  • Speech & Language Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists

NMC Registered Advanced Non-Medical Nurse Prescribers

  • Registered Mental Nurses
  • Registered Nurses Learning Disability