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Client Solutions

We are able to provide solutions and service agreements for bodies within the private or public sector and which can be project based or for ongoing requirements.

Solutions for clients can customised and tailored to include all or some of the following as well as other specific requirements:

  • Psychiatric assessments and subsequent referral to custom designed treatment plan
  • Psychotherapy treatment deployed by BACP and UKCP registered professionals
  • Treatments based on CBT, CAT and EMDR sessions deployed to assigned treatment plan
  • Treatment venues: On site or deployed in fit for purpose local venue or mobile clinic
  • Administration:Management of appointments and associated treatment documentation. Invoices detailing treatments delivered to individual along with a medical report.
  • Contract management and performance indicators based on number of referrals, absences for treatment and consultation, type of therapy deployed, number of therapy sessions, number of consultations received and patients health on discharge.
  • Treatment efficacy

The design of treatment plans can be constructed to include all or some of the following as well as other specific requirements.: 

  • Referral and therapy selection process
  • Patient Communication
  • Sessions and Treatment Type Analysis
  • Therapy Completion/Report proces
  • Patient / Therapist relationship managment and handling of difficult relationships
  • Health and Safety of Vulnerable individuals
  • Psychometric testing
  • Identification of inappropriate referrals
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Supervision and Quality Assurance of Therapy Professional
  • Business continuity of the therapy solution
  • Implementaion and Risk Plans.