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Our Clinical Leads

Dr Tiago Pinto BA; MA Clin Psych; D Clin Psych Equiv.

Clinical Lead – Autism Diagnostic Assessment Services
Clinical Psychologist, H.C.P.C Registered Practitioner Psychologist, Autism Specialist – Assessment and Intervention, ADOS-2 / ADI-R International trainer

MIND Professionals’ Autism Diagnostic Assessment and Support Services were designed and are clinically led by Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Autism Expert Tiago Pinto. Tiago is an internationally recognised and career dedicated expert in the Diagnostic Assessment of Autism, and an internationally recognised trainer in the application of the ADOS-2 and ADI-R (Autism ‘Gold standard’ assessment tools) used in the diagnostic process. He was recognised in 2017 for his knowledge & understanding of Autism by being the recipient of the 2017 U.K. National Learning Disabilities and Autism - Great Autism Practice Award - an award recognising healthcare professionals who have made an exceptional contribution to the lives of autistic people and whose achievements are leading the way in innovative Autism diagnosis and practice. He was also recognised the same year by the National Autistic Society for Professional Awards in the category of Outstanding Professional 2017.

Tiago was appointed as Clinical Lead for MIND Professionals in 2019, he has designed MIND Professionals’ strictly NICE Compliant Autism Diagnostic Service from its outset, working with Medical Director Dr Juliet Whitaker and Head of Therapeutic and Diagnostic Services, Jenny Knight. This service is running very successfully and is consistently achieving excellent Service User feedback.

After moving from Portugal in 2008, Tiago established his practice as an Autism Specialist in the UK, he has worked within Multidisciplinary Teams on a daily basis, with autistic adults and children who have a mix of other diagnoses where Autism is the core factor shadowing the presentation. He has become a renowned specialist in clear diagnosis, and in tailoring interventions and support to improve the lives of autistic people.

Tiago has a wealth of experience in developing and reviewing both adult and children’s Autism Diagnostic Services in accordance with NICE Guidance and Governance Standards for Autism. Examples of his work include:

Brookdale Care (2009 to 2017): Tiago held appointment for 8 years as Head of Therapeutic Services within a purpose-built inpatient hospital for autistic adults, supervising a team of psychologists and other allied professionals. During this time, he developed a Multidisciplinary outpatient Adult Diagnostic Clinic, one of the first adult diagnostic services in the UK strictly following NICE Guidance for Autism. Tiago improved this service on a regular basis following Service Users’ feedback

Examples of Tiago’s collaborative work coproducing with autistic people include:

2010 – Spectrum Star – working together with Triangle Consultancy and 25 autistic adults, Tiago organised workshops to create the first Outcomes Tools for autistic 16+ years old – the Spectrum Star

2011 – Tiago developed the Star Centre for Brookdale Care, a day centre for the adult inpatient service. Together with Service Users, Tiago reviewed the therapeutic provision and established a service that met Service User’s needs. This included: redecorating according to described sensory sensitivities; therapeutic sessions shortened and in small groups; therapeutic sessions led by Service Users (supported by therapists); regular feedback and improvement.

2011 – Brookdale Care – Tiago carried out a review of therapeutic services and the needs of Service Users with Autism and other mental health co-morbidities

2014 – Brookdale Care – Tiago helped to create and produce one of the first autistic lead conferences aimed at professionals and family members. All presenters were autistic adults talking about different subjects such as work, family, and neurodiversity.

2015 – Attendance and support with APPGA (All-Party Parliamentary Group on Autism).

Tiago frequently presents at National and International conferences about the subtleties of Autism and recent advances in diagnostic research. He publishes in scientific and mainstream journals to support further understanding of the Autism Spectrum.

Dr Utpaul Bose

Clinical Lead – ADHD Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Services Consultant Psychiatrist, ADHD Specialist
BSc; MSc; MB; BS; MRCPsych; Dip. Forensic Psychiatry

Utpaul a recognised and highly regarded expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD. He completed his medical education at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in 1992. Whilst there he completed a bachelor’s degree in anthropology in 1989. He trained in psychiatry on Guys & St. Thomas Hospital Medical School Training scheme. He became a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1997 and he completed a diploma in Forensic Psychiatry in 2002, at the same year that he began his career as a Consultant.

Utpaul has worked for more than 20 years as the Consultant Psychiatrist for the Lewisham Community Forensic team under the South London & Maudsley (SLAM) NHS Foundation Trust. During that time, he developed a special interest in adult ADHD and in 2008 became the first Consultant to regularly diagnose the condition within forensic settings in the UK. He noted that some of the patients who had been under the team for many years, had in fact been previously misdiagnosed as having personality disorder, when in fact they had ADHD and as a result of his recognition of the condition and his intervention, they finally received the right medication.

During the last 20 years, Utpaul has completed more than 1000 psychiatric expert reports for those involved in criminal proceedings, parents undergoing care proceedings in family courts and those with mental health problems facing homelessness. Around a third of these individuals had diagnoses of ADHD that had been missed in previous psychiatric assessments.

He also simultaneously worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist for 6 years at the low-secure unit at Cygnet Blackheath and 4 years at the consultation in rehabilitation psychiatrist at Cygnet Lewisham.

Utpaul has been asked to lecture on adult ADHD at Feltham Young Offenders Institute, Cygnet Healthcare, SLAM teaching courses for both the junior doctors and the rehabilitation teams, the Kings College University Hospital medical students and at University College London. He has also lectured to patient groups in London and Cambridge.

Utpaul has always kept abreast of the latest developments in the field. He has been trained in the diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD at the very first Institute of Psychiatry training course and has attended conferences on adult ADHD around the world, including London, Berlin, San Francisco, Orlando and Calgary, Canada.
He is currently completing two books on the subject of adult ADHD.

Dr Charles Parkes BSc. MSc. C. Psychol

Autism, ADHD & Learning Disabilities Consultant

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist, Autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities Specialist

Charles is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with 29 years post-qualification experience of work with adults, young people and children with Autism, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health problems and Complex Behaviour. He has worked in a wide range of settings including community, educational services, Adult Acute and ASD Specialist Inpatient and CAMHS services, across the statutory, voluntary and private care sectors. Working alongside Tiago, Charles is instrumental in the ongoing development, quality standards and successful delivery of MIND Professionals’ Autism and ADHD Diagnostic Assessment and Post Diagnostic Support Services for Adults, Young People and Children; and for our Medico-Legal Expert and Witness services in the areas of Autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

Charles has held the Psychology Lead role for a number of innovative and nationally recognised services – he has managed a community Learning Disabilities Psychology Service and developed and managed a community-based Complex Behaviour Service. He has also been the Psychology Lead for an Autism-specific inpatient care service in London and the Lead Clinician and Consultant Psychologist for Autism Services within the Disabilities Trust, a national charity supporting adults and children with a range of disabilities. He has extensive managerial and supervisory experience, having managed a number of multi-professional teams within both community and inpatient settings. He has also supervised Doctoral and Masters Clinical Psychology Trainees from three London Universities over the many years.

Charles has developed and provided extensive training to staff teams in the areas of Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Autism, Mental Health and Complex Behaviour and has contributed to a number of national training initiatives in these areas. He has also completed a number of detailed service audits and reports and have published a range of research papers in the area of Learning Disabilities. Charles has particular interest in developing high quality services for people with Autism and Learning Disabilities, especially services for people whose needs cannot be met in mainstream services. He has extensive experience of Neurodevelopmental assessment, having worked for 4 CAMHS services offering assessment of both ASD and ADHD and currently within an Adult Autism service.

Charles is also appointed as a Specialist Advisor to the CQC under an initiative to appoint national experts in the areas of Learning Disabilities and Positive Behaviour Support.

Dr Jemma Boyd

Clinical Lead - Psychological Therapy Services
DClinPsychol, Msc. Bsc

Jemma qualified as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist from the University of Southampton in 1999 and in 2007 with distinction as a Systemic Family Therapist, Tavistock and Portman Trust, University of East London. She has 20 years’ experience in NHS Community Mental Health Teams treating adults with complex mental health difficulties the majority of whom have experienced trauma, and may present with personality difficulties, risk and/or safeguarding concerns.

In addition, to her direct clinical work with individuals, couples, families, groups and teams, Jemma has many years’ experience of managing and supervising clinical staff in which she has been committed and responsible in highlighting and upholding professional standards to ensure safe and ethical clinical practice. She has a decade of supervisory experience in the Palliative Care arena, currently holds a Systemic Consultation role with Older Adults multidisciplinary teams, and leads a Reflective Practice group for a Senior Safeguarding Team.

Jemma has completed the British Psychological Society (BPS) Approved Training for Supervisors, Quality Improvement Leaders Programme, East London Foundation Trust and Edward Jenner Leadership Training, Part 1, NHS Leadership Academy. Jemma has a number of published research papers and she has taught on a variety of topics to a wide range of audiences.

Jemma has remained abreast of developments in her professional field by undertaking training in the emerging evidence-based and NICE recommended psychological treatment models relevant to the treatment of trauma and complex trauma. These include Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills (DBT skills) and, currently, Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT).