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>> Multidisciplinary Gold Standard Assessments
>> Waiting times for NHS Assessments
>> Is a private diagnosis recognised?
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>> Child Assessment - What to expect
>> Adult Assessment - What to expect
>> Benefits of having an assessment
>> What is Autism
>> Signs and Symptoms of Autism
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Why Join Us

If you are an experienced Independent Clinician with specialist expertise and an already established Private Practice / Medico-legal Practice, or are a Senior Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Psychotherapist considering providing services for private clients independently for the first time, we would be pleased to hear from you

We offer you, working as our Associate, opportunity, representation, professional development and on-going efficient administrative support in all aspects of your work as an Independent Clinician, allowing you to concentrate fully on the clinical services you provide for clients referred to you.

Working with us, you will benefit from:

  • Guaranteed immediate payment for your work. Unlike other providers of Independent Psychological Therapy and Diagnostic Autism Assessment Services, Mind Professionals also operates concurrently to provide Expert Witness & Medicolegal Reporting Services and additionally, as an approved provider of temporary and permanent medical and healthcare clinical staff to the NHS, Ministry of Defence and Independent Healthcare Sector. Our in-house payroll functions operate to the levels of quality control and financial capacity required to support the scale of these additional staff resourcing services – this functionality and capability enables us to pay our Independent Clinicians and Expert Witnesses immediately for their work upon satisfactory completion of the referred or instructed services. We ourselves accommodate the time delay (which typically may be several months or more) for release of cleared funds assigned for Independent Clinician or Expert fees for the Client matter in question, from the instructing / funding party - whether this be an Insurance company, Law Firm, Legal Aid Agency, NHS service, Local Authority or a private individual. This is one of the multiple reasons our Independent Clinicians and Medicolegal Experts, who are all notably (and many also Nationally) regarded in their specialist areas of expertise, choose to work with us alongside or on occasions even in preference to, working independently of any third party. 
  • Nationwide instructions for both Psychological Therapies and/or Autism Diagnostic Assessments
  • Ongoing Case Management and Professional Support from highly experienced Clinical Leads
  • Administration and liaison support with instructing parties, allowing Clinicians to concentrate solely on assessment/treatment requirements.
  • Carefully triaged referrals allocated to your particular interests, skill set and professional development needs
  • Dedicated team to provide administrative support, proof reading and assistance with appointment making where required.
  • Direct immediate payment guaranteed within 7 days of completed assignment
  • Access to Medicolegal Instructions
  • Access to regular (CPD certified) Expert Witness training events, the opportunity for peer review through our network of experts, updates on legislation and the Court system, through our Membership of the Expert Witness Institute
  • Medical Governance - Revalidation and Responsible Officer support services. Mind Professionals as an organisation contracting with Medical Professionals for provision of clinical or medico-legal services, acts as a Designated Body with NHS England and the GMC. As such, we are able to offer those of our medical experts providing a significant proportion of their medico legal or independent clinical activities through us, or those concurrently working clinically for us in long term locum assignments; the opportunity to connect with us for medical governance purposes.

In order to work with us, we will require you to complete our Registration process to join our panel of Clinicians. In accordance with our assessment and quality standards, the registration process will include the requirement for you to supply us with specific information; compliance documentation and professional references in support of your status, skills, competence and experience an Independent Clinician, for assessment and approval by our In House Clinical Leads and Medico Legal Assessors.

Mind Professionals is an ISO 9001 Quality Standards Approved National Framework Supplier of Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals to the NHS; an approved supplier of Temporary Healthcare staff to the Ministry of Defence and to the Independent Mental Health provider sector. We are also corporate members of the Expert Witness Institute and comply with the highest quality standards and strict governance controls of Expert Witness practice, associated with the requirements of the Institute. 

In the first instance, please provide as much initial information as possible using the form below – we will contact you directly upon receipt to discuss your areas of professional expertise, preferences for referrals and your general requirements. To complete your registration you will need to supply us with various information (DBS/Passport/CV/Proof of right to work etc.) if you have not already done so for employment or medico-legal opportunities, through Mind Professionals.

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